Love Is the Sound of Music

The musicians of Montessori By The Sea have been very busy so far this term. The students in Grades 3-6 are learning how to play a variety of instruments, from recorder to steel pan, and the piano! They have been embracing the challenges of learning a new skill, which requires patience, perseverance, and a positive work ethic. I personally have loved hearing the sound of students playing their recorders across the playground after school! 

Grade 2 students have been ordering from the ‘Rhythm Café’, and learning ‘Sasha’ (as seen in the photos), a folk dance from Russia; they would love to show you the dance if you ask them! They have enjoyed learning about Music from another culture, and even learning some Russian words alongside it! Grade 1 students have also been working on rhythm, and exploring movement and Music together through a variety of songs: Aiken Drum has been a big hit this term. 

Meanwhile, our Casa and Toddler students have been continuing to enjoy the variety of activities they experience in the Music classroom each week. Each class features singing, movement, rhythm activities and a ‘songtale’, which is a story that is sung. Getting to share these stories with the children is always a highlight of my day. 

It is also a delight to share that our Elementary children have been sharing the love of Music with the local community, by participating in the solo and choral categories of the NCFA. Upper Elementary student Charli and Lower Elementary student Ryan both garnered Gold awards for their excellent vocal and piano solos, respectively, and our Grade 3 choir garnered Silver for their wonderful choral singing. Your hard work is Music to our ears!

As the February half-term break draws nearer, I look forward to continuing to share in the joy of Music-making with all of the young musicians at MBTS! 

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