LED Shares Its P.R.I.D.E.

LED continues to show great PRIDE in their remote learning!

Partnership – Parents, students, siblings and teachers continue to partner together to make lessons and activities inspiring, engaging and meaningful. We thank all our parents and students for the ongoing support and patience.

Responsibility – We continued to be impressed by our students’ ability and eagerness to take responsibility for their own learning. Students have been doing their very best to make balanced work choices for themselves.

Innovation – Our children have been very creative in their abilities to adapt to this new learning setting and have used many innovative ways to keep our classroom connected. For example, for class birthdays we have been doing a live classroom chat to complete our Birthday Wishes and Compliments!

Determination – We have witnessed incredible determination to learn, even when it feels so tricky. Our LED students have been determined to learn how to navigate Teams and all our online activities.

Enthusiasm – When you look at all of our photos, you can see the enthusiasm in all the bright and beautiful smiles. Each day our students have been logging on, ready to tackle new lessons and activities – with confidence and enthusiasm!!

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