Making Music Online

When we think of Music lessons, we usually envision people singing or playing instruments together. So how and what do we learn in online Music lessons? 

Casa and Grade 1 students have been enjoying video Music lessons, which take them through our weekly Music “workout” – vocal warm-ups, pitch exploration, simple songs, Music and movement, beat-keepingand musical stories. It has been fun exploring different objects we can use around the house for making music, and the Grade 1 students have enjoyed using the Song Maker on Chrome Music Lab to create their own songs! Here is the link if anyone else wants to have a go with some fun music experiments 

Grade 2 students have been learning about the instruments of the orchestra, and have even designed their own instruments! Next, we will be exploring body percussion, and using it to create pieces of music. 

Students in Grades 3 and 4 have been able to use Flipgrid to continue with their recorder learning, as they submit videos to receive feedback. It has also opened up so much student creativity, as there is a dedicated area for student creations. It has been so much fun seeing students playing different instruments and sharing other creations for everyone, and I know the students have been enjoying sharing it all too! 

Grade 5 students have created a mini Music video, also on Flipgrid. This project gave students the chance to show their personal musical interests, and match it up with technology to create a fun video. 

Students in Grade 6 have been able to explore the wider reach and uses of music, by looking at Music and activism. Students selected a musical artist of their choice, and explored how they use music and their music career to highlight different issues. It has been so interesting to see the range of artists that students are interested in, and the different causes that they work to highlight in different ways . 

As we continue our online learning, I look forward to seeing more of the wonderful creativity that our students are demonstrating, as we explore alternative ways of making Music, and continue exploring Music in the world today. 

~ Ms. Liz

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