Uplifting Truths in Trying Times

In this month’s Crest and Current, we are delighted to share some of the photos and anecdotes that we have been receiving. During these uncertain, unsettling and often challenging times, seeing and hearing from our Casa One children and families has really helped uplift our spirits and restore our souls, and we are certain it will do the same for you. These photos and anecdotes help remind us of a few important truths: 

Even when things may appear bleak and dreary to the rest of us, a child still sees the world in bright technicolour. Just have a look at one of the children’s beloved (and multicoloured) “Slothy” or the beautiful rainbow that a child painted on her window to spread joy to her neighbours. 

Children are adaptable, creative, capable and eager learners. No matter the locale and whether they are using online resources like IXL, exploring nature, baking, using printed worksheets, watching a video lesson, helping with chores around the house, making art, building something or playing, all of your children are continuing to learn and apply new knowledge and skills. For example, one of the first-year children recently began reading short phonetic words and he was very proud to demonstrate his new skill to Ms. Sandra via video call. We also tip our hats with great enthusiasm to parents for facilitating the learning process and coming up with amazing ways to keep children engaged. We know they say that “necessity is the mother of invention”, but in this case, you have been reclaiming your proper title as the real-life mothers and fathers of invention, helping your little ones transform spare supplies into birdhouses and chicken coops, paper plates into fractions, and paper-mache into planets! 

Even when “sheltered in place,” a child’s imagination is boundless and can transport them anywhere, from the Amazon rainforest to visit the macaws, to ancient Egypt to adorn the Nemes crowns of the pharaohs.  

A child’s capacity for love is limitless and their generous hearts are admirable.  April is Earth Month and the Casa One children have continued to be kind to their home planet by cleaning up garbage, planting trees and gardens and up-cycling materials into art and projects. Being kind to others also brings our children joy. A Casa One child and her family have been helping both farmer Clarence and the people in their neighbourhood by distributing his fresh produce doorstep to doorstep via wagon. A parent emailed to report that at the end of her first remote French lesson, her first-year Casa child picked up the phone and kissed the screen to say ‘a la prochaine’ to Ms. Jacqueline. We can all be hopeful because, as the Earth Day artwork below reminds us – the future of our planet is in good hands.  

Last but not least, children are hilariousThey keep things light-hearted and make us laugh (intentionally or otherwise) during these trying times, when we are most in need of some humour. And lest we forget to mention their capacity for loyalty, a Casa One mom e-mailed us with this request: You’re going to have to do more of these videos. [My child] won’t let me sing the “Days of the Week” song. ‘Only Ms Tegan!’ So I just end up shouting the actual day of the week over your recording!”  

We shall leave you with a few more anecdotes: 

A Mom wrote: “[My child] still looks forward to the weekends. Even with a Sunday lockdown, school is apparently still challenging enough to TGIF!”

Another parent shared this exchange with us: 

Child: The Easter Bunny will still come and hide eggs this year, right? 

Parent: No. All the ports are closed and he can’t get here. 

Child: I think we need to make the Easter Bunny an essential service! 

From Ms. Mia’s camp: 

“When she starts her school activities each day, [my child] insists on wearing her MBTS uniform shirt. Needless to say, our morning grooming routine has become a little slack, so the formality of the shirt contrasted with the fact that the rest of her looks like Mowgli from the Jungle Book always makes me laugh. Some of her favourite activities lately have included making what she mistakenly calls “hopstacle courses” out of any and all household furniture, and helping daddy shave his hair into a “mohog.”

Thank you and please keep the photos and the anecdotes coming. 


Team Casa One  


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