Wise Words from Our Children

Now that we are in our sixth week of distance learning, I think many of us can say we have experienced a few “difficult” moments in our navigation of the uncharted waters of online teaching and learning. However, amidst the uncertainty, frustration and anxiety, there is also empathy, courage and resilience. Although we don’t know exactly when things will go back to normal, we know that we are connected in this, and that many of us are experiencing similar emotions. During times of weariness or exasperation, we remember that we are doing the best we can in a unique and exceptional situation. And lastly, when we are worried, we can reassure ourselves that this too shall pass, and all will be back to normal soon. 

I for one have learned a few new things about myself during my time in lockdown, one being that I am no technology expert, whether it’s Zoom quizzes or trying to schedule virtual meetings! Most of all, however, I have learned so much from the children: their adaptability to new situations, demonstrating their independent skills and getting creative with their learning such as using things from around the house and garden to construct fabulous pieces of art. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been asking some of the children for any advice they may have for their school friends who are finding learning from home a little difficult. I will leave you with some of their sage words: 

  • Find a quiet area to work in  
  • Remove all distractions from your work area 
  • Take some breaks to do drawing or go outside 
  • Hug your mom or dad 
  • Ring or video call friends 
  • Make a nice snack 
  • Spend free time making fun art 
  • Find a comfy chair or cushion to sit on  
  • Make a schedule 
  • Think of something fun to do 
  • Make up a dance when you get free time 
  • Hug your pets 
  • Bring your teddies to home school  
  • Call your teachers if you are stuck 

~ Ms. Caoimhe


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