A Most Memorable Year in LED

To our treasured students,

2019-2020, a school year that will go down in history! A year that we will tell our children and grandchildren about. But before we left our LED classroom for our cozy classrooms inside our homes, we made many memories. From book tastings to field trips in the mangroves, drop-in mornings to project displays and soccer competitions, to Minecraft make-believe games; you have all been busy building friendships and a love for learning. Day after day, you have supported each other: taking on roles of mentors, leaders and teammates. Each one of you has shone as an artist, scientist, author, athlete, mathematician, actor, singer and explorer. But most of all, you have proven to be resilient and adaptable in times of change, and for that we are so proud.

Many unique memories were made this year: online birthday celebrations, live lessons, virtual get-togethers but the camaraderie between students, curiosity for learning and a love for attaining knowledge has remained consistent throughout the year.

We have felt so privileged to have gotten to know you all this year and to have been part of your learning. We have loved reading your stories, poems and weekend news; we have enjoyed learning new Math concepts; and exploring our world through Science and Culture projects.

Thank you for a very memorable year!


Ms. Eimear and Ms. Keltie

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