A Very Different Year in P.E.!

What a different year 2019/2020 has been for us all here at MBTS and our families!

The year started out with with the children throwing themselves into our packed Elementary P.E. curriculum consisting of invasion, target, net and wall and fitness units. Then, our world got a turned upside down and we went to distance learning. During this time the children adapted themselves to a new type of P.E. and fitness where they had to take ownership of their own fitness and ensure they were challenging themselves within the work that was set. The children learned about understanding how their bodies felt and to be aware of different levels of effort within an activity or exercise. They learned about the components of fitness while also still working on their normal in-class units such as striking and fielding, and movement and gymnastics units.

The younger Toddler and Casa students worked on improving and mastering their static and dynamic balance, manipulative and loco-motor skills as well as the vital skills needed for cooperative play and space awareness. The children at MBTS always amaze me with the dedication and effort they put forth in P.E., but in the second half of this year I saw a new side of them. They showed great resilience, adaptability and patience with the new situation they were thrown into without an option. These skills will see them far in all aspects of life, and they are definitely traits that will help them in their sports and fitness for years to come.

Life skills such as good sportsmanship and fair play, communication, teamwork, decision making and problem solving skills are a huge focus of all of our classes, even from the Toddler age. All the children have amazed me with their understanding and implementation of these skills on a daily basis, both within a class setting and in adapting the class to an online forum.

Outside of the curriculum, the children were wonderful ambassadors for the school at all the events they participated in, such as the Marathon Kids Fun Run, the Inter Primary Track Meet, the Inter Primary Swim Meet and the CUC Primary Football League.

Well done, everyone, on an extraordinary year!

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