Bravo à tous!

Bonjour tout le monde!

Here we are at the end of our eventful 2019-20 school year.

As usual, our lessons in school were full of opportunities to listen to, speak, read and write French.

In Casa, our youngest learners made great progress in their language abilities by singing songs and speaking in silly voices.

Lower Elementary continued to practice their language skills each week in a variety of fun ways (playing games, making books, and designing posters just to name a few).

Upper Elementary worked to consolidate and put into practice all their previous knowledge while being exposed to new vocabulary and sentence structures. They continued to have fun learning French by performing skits, dances and songs combining their wonderful sense of creativity with their ever-expanding knowledge.

Their creativity, resilience and motivation were tested when we moved to our online platform and it was inspiring how they rose to the challenge as we all had to “learn how to learn” French in a new way.

Bravo à tous!

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