Cultivating Compassion, Awareness and Activism

Kids C.A.R.E. is an after-school community outreach club comprised of Upper Elementary student volunteers. The purpose of the program is to actively cultivate the principles of ”Community Awareness and Respecting the Environment.”

We have been fortunate to have a fantastic group of students who committed to community service through the group for both terms this year. Kids C.A.R.E. is very much led by the students as they discuss and share their ideas for different aspects of service they would like to focus on. The clear enthusiasm from the students was the driving force behind all of the program’s initiatives.

This year, the students shared fantastic ideas for volunteering and helping our local community and environment. One clear highlight was being able to be part of the turtle nest excavation project spearheaded by the National Trust; we were fortunate enough to be part of two different excavations. As a collaborative team we conducted beach clean-ups, carried out ongoing recycling for our building, developed our awareness on the essential role of our mangroves on island and the sea grass at Barkers Beach for the turtles, wrote to the government, and used recyclable materials to make toys for the cats at the Humane Society.

These were only some of the projects the young activists of Kids C.A.R.E. led this year, and we are so proud of their enthusiasm and desire to make the world a better place.

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