Grade 6s Lead the Way to a Better World at MMUN

At the end of August, 13 students began their enriching journey to attend the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) in March 2020. Over the course of the next 6 months, the students would undertake a huge learning curve in their research and writing skills, ability to collaborate, and to present information in a public-speaking capacity. Each student chose a global topic such as Nuclear Disarmament, Advancement of Women or Food Security, and were allocated a country to represent on the topic. In-depth research was sourced, classified and edited for a “Position Paper,” a formal piece of persuasive writing that had to be written from the perspective of their allocated country. These essays were submitted to the MMUN bureau in January. Through these processes, each student understood not only the topic, but their represented country’s point of view. The students began preparing opening remarks in January, as well as understanding the formal procedures of the United Nations. The hard work and dedication displayed during these months led to a very successful MMUN conference in New York.

During the conference, each MBTS student contributed to the solutions to our challenges as global citizens. With grace and empathy, they listened to other points of view and creatively looked for ways to incorporate collective ideas that would work for all the countries represented. Frequently, they would try and engage with students on the periphery to include their voice in the discussion. All of the speeches were outstanding. Each of student delivered clear messages, engaging the audience with eye contact and body language. For the closing ceremony, three MBTS students were nominated by their committees to deliver a synopsis of the resolutions in front of about 2,000 students and adults. Unfazed by the occasion, all three delivered their messages with poise, clarity and conviction.

In a time where world leaders, government officials, NGOs and community leaders have to make collaborative, informed and responsible decisions, our young students thrived in a similar setting. With these compassionate, sensible and creative leaders at the forefront, we are confident our future is bright!

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