Music Brings Us Together

Music brings people together, regardless of culture, location or background.

This has never been more true than in the circumstances we have faced this year. While music helps to develop many essential skills, such as critical thinking, grit, creative thinking, communication and teamwork, the standout aspect this year, is joy.

Throughout the school year, music has brought joy to the students of MBTS. Students have sung, danced, created original compositions, and explored music from all over the world. Their creativity has been a joy to work with and nurture, and this creativity will help them on their journeys through life.

With Remote Learning, Music and the Arts have become a staple of many households, as families listen to music together, and explore their creativity through art, crafts, and dance. It brings comfort to many, and joy during periods of uncertainty. Music has a way of bringing us together, even when apart. I hope that in years to come, the students will continue to share joy through Music, in whatever form that may be.

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