This Is Just the Beginning!

This is just the beginning!

In the Toddler Class this year, the children explored, learned and developed physical and cognitive skills in so many ways, every single day. They used their senses to discover, and their minds soaked up all that they saw, heard, smelled, touched and tasted. As their trusted adult guides, we were privileged to foster a loving, nurturing learning environment for our little learners, by encouraging their budding independence, modelling positive words and actions, and by practicing virtues and daily meditation at circle times. With the help of daily routines, kind, consistent words and careful movements, the Toddlers chose tasks on their own and grew in independence, movement, curiosity and thought. This year of essential, holistic development was just the beginning, and we know that the future holds amazing discovery and growth for our wonderful Toddlers.

Go forth and grow like a seed into the brightest coloured flower we have ever seen!


“When I Grow Up”

Someday soon when I grow up

I’ll have a job to do

I’ll write a book or be a cook

Or work inside a Zoo.

I might want to drive a bus

Or teach children to read

I’ll load a train or fly a plane

Or plant a little seed.

I might want to fight a fire

Or be a doctor too

I’ll build a house or sew a blouse

Or sail the ocean blue.

So many jobs that I might choose

I wonder what I will be

I’ll work and learn

Until it’s my turn

To make the difference I learnt from you.

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