A Fantastic and Fresh Start

The first five weeks of the school year have been absolutely magical. While most schools across the globe have been severely impacted by the pandemic, we are so thankful to have the students return to school this academic year with minimal changes.
We are so pleased to observe how well the Grade Four students have settled into their new learning environment. They are a dynamic group who have embraced the classroom culture: they have demonstrated a zest to explore new concepts and they work hard to improve every day.  Their boundless, positive energy is a breath of fresh air at the start of the year, and after a prolonged period away from school. Their exuberant enthusiasm is responsibly supported by the sage Grade Five and Grade Six students, who have enjoyed guiding the Grade Fours at the start of the year. The older students are to be commended for their active leadership, which is particularly critical to the success of the classroom community at this early point in the year. 

The Upper Elementary students have been exploring many aspects of the world around us. From classifying plants to classifying quadrilaterals, the students have been especially focused on discovering the etymology of words, gaining a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the English Language. The students have also enjoyed working on Language exercises, including a timely reflection on the school celebrating its twenty year anniversary. Students have performed many experiments to apply their knowledge of the scientific method. The Mathematics materials have been a regular feature of the work cycles; students have enjoyed grasping the equivalence between fractions and percentages, and developing an understanding of different base number systems.

As has become a treasured tradition, the Grade Six students will be participating in the MMUN conference this year, albeit virtually. Traditionally, the conference takes place in New York City; however, it will be held online in the month of March this year. Regardless of venue, there is plenty of challenging and fulfilling work ahead as the students research and represent the interests of Belarus and France at the conference. 
We are so pleased to be immersed in a learning environment that is truly driven by the students. It promises to be an exceptional year with their enthusiasm, creativity and work ethic. 

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