LED Spreads Its Wings 

Exciting things were taking place last week in LED, when students had the opportunity to witness the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Not once, but twice, we watched in anticipation as the caterpillar’s chrysalis slowly dried away, revealing two beautiful orange butterflies.  

 But the most exciting moment was yet to come…. 

Somehow managing to squeeze through a small gap of the holding container, one of our LED butterflies made its grand entrance while we were having a quiet chat on the carpet. Students could barely contain their excitement as we watched our new mascot flap its wings for the first time and land amongst the book baskets in our library. Ms. Zoe and Ms. Natalie finally managed to guide it towards an open window and back into nature.  

The experience inspired us to explore the life cycle of a butterfly. After learning about the process, students created their own diagrams outlining the interesting metamorphosis. Who knew something so tiny in size could create such grand amazement within our students? Great things really do come in small packages.  

A big thanks to our resident butterfly expert Leo, and his mom, Jess, for sharing the chrysalis with our class


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