Preparing for a Bright Future in ICT

ICT this year, more than ever, will steer its focus toward usage of the internet and online safety. In light of last year and in considering a variety of possibilities for this year, it is important that we prepare students for a future where computers play a much larger role in daily life.
In Kindergarten and Lower Elementary, we are starting out with lessons focusing on using and understanding correct terms and parts that make up a computer and its programs. This includes everything from learning how to use the mouse and the keyboard, to opening and closing programs or windows. As we progress through the grades, we are focusing on setting up and starting coding and typing lessons. These have proven to be great fun and are very useful for students both in the classroom and at home.
We are looking forward to starting some bigger projects in the next few weeks, and can’t wait to see all the fun things everyone will create this year!

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