The Joyful Noise of Music

It’s great to be back in the Music classroom! It has been a real joy for students of all years to be getting back to making Music with each other in a variety of ways. 

The Toddlers have had a great first few weeks! Lots of songs, clapping and tapping, dancing and instrument exploration have had the Toddlers joining in and having fun with Music and Movement. 

Casa children have been exploring tempo this month, and a favourite game is the “fast/slow game,” where one student plays fast or slow, and the rest of the class has to move at the same speed as the sound. The children have also enjoyed singing and dancing together again, playing instruments, and hearing some new Musical stories. 

Students in the Elementary Classes are working on creating compositions in different ways. Lower Elementary students are focusing on rhythmic compositions, and creating Music to enhance literature. Upper Elementary students are working to create melodic and rhythmic compositions, featuring boomwhackers! Grade 5 students have also just started a film Music project, wherein they create sound effects for a film clip. 

There’s always something different – and joyfully noisy – going on in the Music classroom! 

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