Cultivating Creativity Through Music

Music, creativity and imagination go hand-in-handWhether students are making music or sound effects to go with a film or poem, composing their own original piece of music, or dancing and acting out a musical story, creative work is something that people of all ages can enjoy and experience. 

This month, the Toddlers have been enjoying exploring the different sounds they can make with a variety instruments, and continuing to move their bodies and dance to music. 

Aside from continuing to move and dance to music, the Casa students have been getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween by creating sound effects with their voices; there have been a lot of ghosts in the Music classroom this month! Ask your Casa child about the game ‘Pass the Pumpkin’ – it is a class favourite, as students love designing their own class pumpkin together. 

Lower Elementary students have worked very hard throughout this term to create sound effects for a poem, or on creating their own original piece of ‘Haunted House’ music. Students explored imaginative ways to use their voices or various instruments to make the harrowing sound effects that they wanted! They have also enjoyed a variety of seasonal activities, where students create movements inspired by a piece of music, as they listen to it.  

Upper Elementary students have likewise enjoyed applying their creativity to compose original pieces of music, but with the added complexity of artistic collaboration. With cooperation and organization, they brought their talents together and used either their bodies or musical instruments to collaborate on some wonderful work. It was wonderful to listen to their collective efforts as they developed their projects and performed them to the class. 

Creativity and imagination are always welcome in the music classroom, and it is always a joy exploring this with the students. We are looking forward to another month of creative, imaginative music-making!

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