A Taste of Europe

Did you know that croissants originated from Austria? The Austrian “ancestor” is called kipfel.

With our Cultural Study unit on Europe now firmly underway, our voracious learners in the Lower Elementary Downstairs class opened their minds – and mouths – last week to try some European dishes. 

First up was a traditional dish from Germany: sauerkraut! After some initial reluctance, most students tasted the delicacy, with some opting to take just one bite, and others coming back for seconds (and thirds)! We were very impressed by the children’s adventurous palates and their willingness to try something new. 

Later in the week, we enjoyed some freshly-baked croissants during snack time. These European treats were a definite “fan favourite!” We even learned a few fun facts about the flaky, buttery pastry: Did you know that croissants originally came from Austria and were called kipfel? Also, January 30th is National Croissant Day; make sure to add this deliciously important date to your calendars. C’est bon! 

We look forward to exploring more of European Culture through its cuisine in the weeks to come.



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