There’s No Place Like Home: Exploring Our Blue Planet and Verdant Isles

During the month of October, our Casa One children grew more worldly and patriotic as our focus turned to our planet Earth and the Cayman Islands.

We examined models and maps and used an array of Montessori Geography materials, such as the Puzzle Maps and the Sandpaper Globe, to become better acquainted with our home planet. We learned about the layers of the Earth and the atmosphere, land and water forms, the seven continents, and the five oceans. We also explored the weather and the furious forces that shape and affect our planet, such as volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. We created beautiful art and interesting projects inspired by our new knowledge.

During the latter half of October, our theme went even closer to home as we took an in-depth look at our beloved Cayman Islands. From blue iguanas to banana orchids, from fishing to thatch-weaving, from beaches and bluffs to Bodden Town, we learned about the flora and fauna, cultural traditions, and geography of our beautiful little archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The children have even learned to sing about Cayman’s different districts:

Whether we’re going global by learning about our precious planet or keeping things local on our verdant isle, there’s definitely no place like home!

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