Becoming Great Friends with Zippy and Apple

We have been very busy in Kindergarten right through to Grade 3 building social-emotional skills through the Zippy’s and Apple’s Friends programmes. 

Zippy’s and Apple’s Friends are evidence-based mental well-being promotion programmes that take a preventative approach. These programmes help children develop emotional resilience and a range of coping strategies, through stories, role play, activities and games, drawing and discussion. 

Currently we are learning all about friendship and why it is so important for us. The Kindergarten and Grade 1 children made beautiful puppets of their friends, and shared what they valued in a friend. Some examples of good friend traits that the children gave were kindness, fun, being a good listener, helpful, and caring. 


Grade 2 and Grade 3 students have also been discussing the joys of friendship, as well as what happens when conflict arises. Conflict is a normal part of life, and we are learning important lessons on how to manage conflict and cope with the difficult feelings it engenders. The children suggested wonderful solutions to handling conflict with friends, such as saying sorry, speaking to their friend and telling them how they feel, and asking an adult for advice. 

In the last module we spent a great deal of time discussing the significance of good communication, saying what you want to say especially when you are feeling upset or worried, and why it is beneficial to practise good listening. Some children have evidenced this learning and have discussed things that have been bothering them in our group. We ensure that our lessons are a safe space where children can say how they feel with acceptance.  

I am so pleased with the children’s demonstration of emotional intelligence, and look forward to continuing our learning. 

– Ms. Caoimhe, Learning Support Teacher and Zippy & Apple Facilitator

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