Creative Expression Through ICT

It’s great to be back! 
ICT is generally the study of computers and its related technologies. We also try and include some multimedia studies through the year. Currently, the Lower Elementary students are learning about animation and the patient work that goes into making smooth animations. We have been working on creating characters and stories while also developing a sense of timing for actions. 
In Upper Elementary,  we are starting some editing projects, both with photos and video. The Grade 6 students will be making a short “movie trailer” of their own creation while the grade 4s and 5s are going to be working on some photo editing projects. We are learning about the role computers play in the media we see every day, from printed images and social media, to television and film. 

This is always a fun time in ICT, as the children get to be very creative and express themselves in a way they may not have tried before. I can’t wait to see the finished projects!

– Mr. Aaron, ICT Teacher

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