LEU’s African Adventure

Over the last couple of weeks, LEU has been busily exploring and finding out about the huge continent of Africa. To kick off this exciting Cultural unit, the class looked at a map of Africa and learnt how to locate different countries using compass points. Each child has also had the opportunity to choose two African countries, locate these countries on our class map, colour and label each country and its capital and complete follow-up work on their chosen countries.

After studying the different regions of Africa the class was introduced to a country from each region and the students are currently creating a group project on Nigeria in Western Africa, which they are really looking forward to presenting to the rest of the class. For the remainder of the term we are looking forward to lots more group and project work, studying artefacts and finding out more about this amazing continent and its diverse countries.  

Here are some interesting facts and insights that the children have gleaned in the course of their exploration of Africa:

  • “I found out there is the Sahara Desert and it stretches across the whole of North Africa. The best football team in Africa also comes from Nigeria.” – Persey 
  • “Nigeria has lots of oil so it has a lot of money.” – Téana 
  • “Nollywood makes fifty films a week!” – Ben 
  • “I learnt about the different compass points and to help remember, I say: ‘Never Eat Soggy Waffles.’ I also learnt that there are 355 species of animal that live in Nigeria.” – Marley 
  • “The longest river in the world is in Africa and it’s called the Nile. Did you know that there are 54 countries in Africa?” – Matteo 
  • “Nigeria got its name from the Niger River and its capital is Abuja.” – Oscar (Grade 2) 
  • “The main biomes of Nigeria are rainforests and savannah and there are five regions of Africa: Northern, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern.” – Emilia 
  • “The Angola flag is black, red and yellow. Red means freedom and black means Africa.” – Alexi 
  • “The scientific name for a giraffe is Giraffa and the national animal of Nigeria is an eagle.” – Josh 
  • “There are three main tribes in Nigeria: the Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa-Fulani.” – Asha 



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