Bringing Letter-Writing to Life

Throughout the latter part of the term, the Lower Elementary students have been learning and practicing the art of letter-writing. The children’s skills in composition and penmanship were put to good use as they wrote letters to a family member or friend; some children wrote letters based on the well-loved book, “The Day the Crayons Quit.”

Of course, the time of year also made it a perfect time to write a letter to Father Christmas! All of the Lower Elementary students had the chance to compose a letter and mail it to the North Pole. In their letter to Santa, each child had to describe a way in which they had been good this year, share what they were grateful for, and state one wish they wanted for the world. There were a lot of lovely responses, such as “I helped my brother tidy up the bath and I made my bed,” “I have made my friends happy when they are sad,” and “I wish no more people got COVID.”

Our letter-writing study culminated with the opportunity to send our letters to Santa Claus using the special mailbox in Camana Bay. Children from both Lower Elementary classes dutifully waited for their turn to post their letters, and we celebrated the end of the term – and the holiday season – with a viewing of the holiday movie “Elf” at the cinema!

We wish you all a joyful holiday season!

Happy Holidays from LED and LEU!

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