Casa’s Local Wildlife Adventure

On Wednesday, December 9th, we embarked on our first Casa field trip of the year and it was fantastic!

We visited the new Parrot Sanctuary in East End, where the children got up close and personal with a variety of local fauna and enjoyed some active time outdoors. The Casa children demonstrated curiosity and care for their scaly, furry and feathered friends during some wonderful and interactive animal encounters with guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, the resident agouti named Li’l Bit, and even a racer snake! Of course, our native Grand Cayman parrots surrounded us at the Sanctuary – it was great to see our national bird in the flesh (or feather?) in an environment devoted to their care and preservation. The children came away from their close encounters having learned so many interesting facts about Cayman’s wildlife. 

We were grateful for the glorious weather that day, and the children made the most of the cool Christmas breeze and engaged in loads of outdoor play with the climbing frames, swings, and the abundance of outdoor toys.

The visit to the Parrot Sanctuary was a such a fun and educational experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the Casa children, as showcased by the grins on their faces in our gallery of photos!

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