Exploring the Holiday Traditions (and Treats) of Europe

With Christmas just around the corner and our European continent study coming to an end, students in the Lower Elementary Downstairs class have been enjoying learning about the various traditions of Christmas in Europe. Exploring the winter holiday customs of different countries, as we reflect upon and practice our own special traditions during this very festive time of year, is a relevant, timely and enjoyable way to learn about and make connections across cultures.  

Our young epicureans were particularly thrilled to get their (very clean!) hands dirty making some Swedish chocolate balls as a take-home treat. 

As the culminating wrap-up of our study of Europe, thchildren were delighted to welcome their parents into their classroom to present their findings on Christmas traditions from the diverse countries and cultures throughout the continent. They were especially excited to finish the day by trying some traditional Christmas treats from Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, and sharing these with their parents, of course! 

Buon Natale, God Jul and Merry Christmas! We wish all of your families the most joyful of holidays. 

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