It’s All Ancient History…

Throughout the first term, Upper Elementary students made connections across time and space as they worked and collaborated diligently on their Ancient Civilization projects. They deepened their understanding of the Fundamental Needs of Humans and applied and integrated skills and knowledge from other subject areas, such as Mathematics and Language, to create group projects on the civilizations of ancient Rome, Japan, China, Greece, the Vikings, and the Mayans. These cross-curricular projects are essential in giving students a structured launchpad from which to explore different paths of inquiry, and in broadening and deepening their perspective of human development and civilization throughout history.   

Following initial lessons that offered the students an introductory overview of each Ancient Civilization, and complemented by linked lessons in Maths, Language, and Culture, the students honed in on their key areas of focus across the curriculum. In Language, we delved into the history of communication and writing systems for each Ancient Civilization. In Math, the students investigated different number systems and how mathematical concepts and skills were applied and used in ancient times. By researching and discussing the geography, traditions, inventions, beliefs, food, houses, traditional clothing, leisure activities, defense and art forms in the different civilizations, the students developed admirable in-depth knowledge of their Ancient Civilizations.

The students’ efforts to research and deepen their understanding came to fruition during their presentation of their Ancient Civilization time capsules. It was wonderful to have Upper Elementary parents join us for these presentations; the class worked together to prepare a range of tasks to be captured and shared in a time capsule, and displayed their work in a museum-style format. This was a fantastic afternoon wherein the students clearly and confidently shared their knowledge from this term’s hard work. 


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