The Spirit of Giving in Action!

It is the most wonderful time of the year! This month the PE classes were enlivened with joy and holiday cheer as students applied the gift of giving within the context of movement and sports. Students learned that the best gifts are not always wrapped but can extend from our actions. In PE this means offering encouragement, guidance, and empathy to our classmates. 

Lower Elementary classes dribbled their way through their basketball unit, wrapping up our invasion games series on a strong and positive note. With great focus and determination, they completed their work efficiently and enthusiastically, allowing extra time for holiday game fun!  Upper Elementary classes have doubled down this month, not only advancing their basketball skills but also training for the TAG Rugby tournamentThroughout this preparation they have learned the value of teamwork — in order to grow as a team, they must support one another.  

During the month of December Casa classes have engaged in station work to develop and reinforce a wide range of locomotor skills and movement concepts. Various student leaders have stepped up to serve as models at each station, providing encouragement and guidance to their classmatesLike the elementary classes, Casa students have learned the value of teamwork by helping their peers move through a set challenge or task.  



Toddler students have continued to grow in their locomotor skills this month by working with a wide variety of manipulatives and equipment. They have practiced gift giving through the sharing of materials and by taking turns on equipment. As always, this group brought enormous amounts of joy and energy to the PE classroom in December; a wonderful reflection of this joyous holiday season! 

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