Caring for Our Classroom

A big part of daily life in Lower Elementary is caring for our classroom environment. Each student is responsible for a different job each week, giving every child the opportunity to contribute to the class and try each task. Jobs such as sweeping, tidying the library, plant care, sharpening pencils, dusting or dishes are carried out daily.

These jobs give us all a sense of duty and foster independence and responsibility. They instill positive habits and respect for our environment. We feel so proud of our classroom and all of the beautiful materials in it!

Here is what LEU students have to say about Job Time:

“It’s good for our classroom to get all the jobs done so it’s clean!”

“I think job time is good so we can keep the classroom clean, when we come in on Monday we have a nice clean room.”

“It shows us what we are supposed to do when we are older and we have our own house, we’d need to clean it up!”

“It teaches us to clean and learn how to clean at home and at school.”

“It helps us focus more because the classroom is clean and tidy.”

“Everybody’s favourite job is lunch squad because we get to sit wherever we want!”

“My favourite job is tidying the classroom because if we have visitors we all feel proud of our classroom.”

“I like tidying the Culture area because it’s fun!”

“It teaches us to look after our classroom, it helps us to learn more and it’s fun!”

“My favourite job is lunch squad. Job time is good because if we don’t do it our classroom will be messy. If we don’t look after our work we won’t get any new work.”

“My favourite job is making snack, I think job time is good for us because we get to take care of all our equipment and it makes our class healthy.”

“Job time is good because it teaches us how to clean, if we don’t clean it would be REALLY messy.”

“My favourite job is Math area because I like math!”

“My favourite job is library but I love doing every job.”

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