Creating Art from the Heart

Creativity and imagination form the beating heart of Visual Art: exploring different ways to bring original ideas to life lies at the core of our creative work as artists.

The Lower Elementary children have been finishing their striking peacocks; they are bursting with life and colour! We achieved some vibrant effects by painting over oil pastel with a very light wash of watercolor. We also learnt how to blend water colours together and discovered that adding more or less water can give the whole painting very different effects. We’ve been applying these techniques to paintings of autumn leaves and octopi, and the results are beautiful!

The Grade 4s were very busy designing and finishing their three-dimensional cameras and their very own polarized pictures. We then moved on to acrylic painting and have started meticulously painting a step-by-step image of a toucan. The children are starting to experiment with their own painting techniques, and I look forward to seeing the finished picture.

The Grade 5s and 6s have worked very hard on their acrylic koi fish paintings. The completed compositions are very impressive! We have since started our next art piece, which is a photograph of our faces traced onto paper. We will be drawing sunglasses and a reflection of what we see on the lenses.

My heart is filled with excitement to see where vivid imagination and fearless experimentation will take these talented young artists!

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