Fired Up for the Fire Station!

Throughout February in the Casa Program we have been exploring “Occupations and Transportation,” so of course we decided that the most suitable and exciting field trip destination would be the George Town Fire Station! 

The Casa One children have been working with materials in the classroom to learn about various firefighting equipment and the duties of this important profession. The children arrived at the station well-studied and full of enthusiasm and burning questions: Where is the outrigger? How does an elevating cylinder work?

Firefighter Tony was a welcoming and informative host. He gave us a tour of the facility and showed us different types of transportation used by firefighters, including inflatable boats and jet skis! The children were surprised to find out that firefighting takes place on the water as well as on land. They got to see the system of lights and learn the colour codes and sounds for different stages of alert and types of emergencies.  

Each child had the opportunity to spend a few minutes in the cab to examine a firetruck from the inside. They even got to see the kitchen and spend a few minutes relaxing on the giant, comfy couches in the firefighters’ TV room.  

When Firefighter Tony asked the children what they want to be when they grow up, the majority proclaimed that they would like to be firefighters. It is great to know that The Cayman Islands Fire Service will enjoy a future free from understaffing issues once the next generation has come of age! 

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