MBTS Writer Shines in 2021 Rotary Butterfly Story Project

Congratulations to MBTS Upper Elementary student Sierra, whose original story, “The Sailor’s Dream,” was one of only ten stories from the Caribbean selected for publication in the 2021 Rotary Butterfly Storybook.

Sierra’s story reflects her deep love of nature and the environment, and she drew from her own experiences sailing Cayman’s beautiful, crystalline waters when writing her tale of a sailor’s vivid and compelling dream. She brings these elements together to communicate the message of caring for our environment before it’s too late, with equal doses of urgency and imagination.

A very popular project led the Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean 7020, the Butterfly Storybook Competition attracts creative writing entries from all over the Caribbean every year. Ten exceptional stories are chosen from the numerous submissions and are published. At this point in time, the publication date for the 2021 Butterfly Storybook has not yet been determined. Please stay tuned for developments in this regard.

For now, literary enthusiasts can read Sierra’s imaginative, environmental tale, as well as the other wonderful entries from young writers in Cayman and the Caribbean, in this online sample of the book.

Congratulations, Sierra, and to all of the talented young authors who participated in this wonderful project!

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