Sunny Spirits Save the Day!

Just before half-term break, the Lower Elementary students were elated to be participating in their annual Sports Day. The energy was high that morning as students were eager to get fit and have FUN!

As luck would have it, halfway through the morning, the Cayman skies opened up and put a literal damper on our morning! With no other option than to put the events on hold, students bid their parents a soggy goodbye and headed back inside the school building.

With spirits understandably a little low at first, the Lower Elementary students and teachers tempered their disappointment at having a rained-out Sports Day with resilience, and made the most of it with some impromptu indoor team-building games! Then, lo and behold, the clouds parted and the sun shone down in full force – HURRAY! The students were thrilled about getting to finish Sports Day in its entirety!

We were so impressed with the children’s adaptability, perseverance and positive attitudes despite the obstacles thrown in their way.

Please take a peek at all of the photos to see our young athletes demonstrating their best sportsmanship and teamwork skills, and their sunny spirits!

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