Sowing the Seeds of Learning

March has been a long and productive month, with almost five full weeks of learning and growing accomplished when the month is complete. 

We must commend the children on their calmness and maturity during the recent Earthquake / Tsunami Practice Drill.  This exercise was an ideal time to reflect with the second and third-year children on what we remembered from the earthquake that occurred in January 2020. The children were open to sharing how they felt, where they were and what they were doing in the classroom during that time. The discussion gave us time to reflect on what an unusual year it was with home-based learning and very few, if any, plane trips off the island.

However, travel restrictions have not stopped us from exploring other countries and cultures this month, as we delved further into the continent of Asia. We are looking forward to nine different country presentations from our Kindergarteners!  We are excited to leave Grand Cayman for a day and be transported around Asia through beautiful photos and some very interesting facts. Here’s one interesting fact we heard that we wanted to share: Did you know that March 13th is National Elephant Day in Thailand?

We have also focused on planting this month.  We planted lavender and garlic, which were kindly brought in by the children for Show and Tell.  We also planted pumpkin seeds from three different pumpkins, and the children watched in awe as we germinated the seeds before potting them.  We have really enjoyed observing them grow at varying rates and inspecting their different leaves. We hope that the children will be able to transplant these seedlings into the ground and have them grow. Maybe we will have pumpkins ready for Halloween next year!

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