Springtime Form and Fun in Art

It’s been a very busy and creative March in Visual Arts, with the children experimenting with form through various sculpture projects.

The Lower Elementary students have been making bunny pinch pots, just in time for Easter! Clay is very good for providing young artists with tactile, sensory play. It gives the child the opportunity to express themselves and build imagination. For our bunny pinch pots, we have learnt how to attach pieces of clay and mold them together by scoring both surfaces, and then using water to moisten and fuse the pieces together. The Grade 4 students have also been working creatively with clay, by tracing their hand on a clay slab and etching their own designs in the clay. When the clay dried the children painted their designs onto the finished piece. Their designs are beautiful, full of colour and texture.

Students in Grades 5 and 6 have been busily bending, twisting, braiding and wrapping wire forms for their sculpture project. They have made some impressive wire bicycle armatures, which we will bind together with masking tape to prepare them for a layer of papier-mâché. We’re all very much looking forward to the finished creations!

Lower Elementary students have also recently started a collage project. Collage builds fine-motor skills and brings together visual elements. It is a fun way to encourage and develop a child’s awareness of colour and texture. We have made our very own collage paper, which we will be cutting and using to design a picture. The children had great fun mixing colours and painting any pattern they desired onto the paper.

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