There’s No Place Like Home

During the Month of March, the children in the Toddler Class learned all about the beautiful place they call home. We learned about our country’s three islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman – and discovered that an island is a place surrounded by water on all sides. We explored this concept using our ‘Land and Water Forms’ tray.

The children enjoyed placing miniature objects and animals into their correct environment, and learned about some very special creatures that are only found here on our beautiful island. Along with other sounds, the children have also been learning the “q” sound. With this in mind, we introduced Queen Elizabeth II and a few of her family members. We also noticed that the Queen is on our Caymanian currency. 

On Fridays, we have our very special Fruit Basket. The Toddlers bring different fruits to share, and they taste interesting, new flavours and try different textures. During this month, we sampled lots of delicious, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. We even took the seeds from our papaya and planted them to see if we can grow our own!  

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