Connecting with the World Beyond the Classroom

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature.” Dr. Maria Montessori  

The Grade 5s explore Little Cayman.

The Montessori philosophy places great emphasis on nature and nature education. Nurturing a deep respect for our environment ultimately cultivates respect for others and ourselves, and the roles that we all play in the grand framework of the universe; this connection to nature is a foundational principle at MBTS.  

Thus far, the Upper Elementary students have had ample opportunity to take their learning beyond the classroom and out into the natural world. As a class, the students went on a field trip to explore the local mangroves, deepening their understanding of the important role mangroves play in our island ecosystem. The Grade 5 students’ trip to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute in Little Cayman, where they were fully engaged in learning all about Cayman’s rich marine life, fully immersed the children in their natural surroundings.

Building bird feeders in Kids C.A.R.E.

A culture of caring for the environment and acting with consideration and care for the greater good are actively propagated through various initiatives in Kids C.A.R.E. The students have learnt how to filter water, built bird feeders, and created a garden of potted plants around their fort, to mention a few.  As part of our Earth Week celebrations, the Upper Elementary class invited the Casa children over for a joint beach clean-up; the older students absolutely loved being able to model responsible stewardship of the Earth for the younger children.

Planning, designing and building boats from recycled materials enabled students to put their engineering skills to the test, whilst practicing the act of recycling in a creative, innovative manner. Racing the boats down our shoreline – with a crowd of cheering Casa spectators – was definitely a highlight!

During Visual Art, Grade 4 students gained a deeper appreciation for natural forms, textures and colours as they created compositions made purely out of found objects in nature.

Quietly creating nature art.

Every experience to explore the world outside the classroom is an abundant treasure that gives the student the chance to directly experience, absorb, reflect and and realize learning through the power of nature.  

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