Honouring the Earth in the MBTS Community

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children.”

Our whole school community’s commitment to planting and nurturing the seeds of responsible stewardship in our children is vital for our planet and for all humankind. All throughout April, students, parents and staff at MBTS found different, meaningful ways to celebrate and honour our precious planet Earth.

Earth Week started off with a successful and well-attended beach clean-up at Spotts Dock led by the Parents’ Guild. Families and children from different levels at MBTS came together on a Sunday morning to clean up the shoreline at the alternate cruise ship port.

The focus on environmental awareness and action continued throughout the week and month at school. In the classrooms, the children engaged in a variety of both practical and creative ways to make a positive impact on our natural environment. Efforts included litterless lunches, Upper Elementary and Casa joining forces to clean up the immediate MBTS shoreline together, Toddlers singing Earth Day songs and learning about ways to care for the Earth, Lower Elementary children taking nature walks and reflecting on and making Earth promises, creating nature art inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy, and singing songs about the environment.

By coming together as a community to promote awareness and action for Mother Earth, our children learn that everyone can make a difference, and every day is Earth Day! 

Learning how we can care for the Earth.

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