Learning to Lead in P.E.

In the mixed-age Montessori environment, children have rich opportunities to develop confidence and mastery as they act as role models and help one another, and as they look to each other for positive examples and guidance. The setting of P.E. is no exception: Sports and games in P.E. offer wonderful opportunities for children to cultivate leadership, camaraderie and confidence.

This month in P.E., Lower and Upper Elementary students have been learning and reviewing striking and fielding games. We kicked off this unit of study with the game of Kickball. Across the Elementary levels, we have focused on cultivating respect and care for our teammates in a variety of ways. For example, we explain kickball rules in a calm, constructive manner and we practice sharing and framing feedback in a way that is helpful and motivating to other players. It has been wonderful to observe our students growing in leadership and sportsmanship through such opportunities.  

In Casa classes, we have fostered a respectful, inclusive environment through the implementation of child-led activity stations. Casa children have really enjoyed the opportunity to act as role models and demonstrate skills for their peers. In this way, we are ensuring an environment that empowers all learners to take ownership of their physical development. 

The Toddler class has been making impressive leaps and bounds as a group. Their ability to share and work with partners has grown significantly, which has created a more engaging and fun learning environment for all.   

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