MBTS 20th Anniversary Art Mural

We are so excited to share that the MBTS 20th Anniversary Art Mural project has been completed! This community artwork, which was created over a period of several weeks under the creative guidance of our wonderful Visual Arts teacher Ms. Bex, involved every single child at MBTS.

Using acrylic paint and permanent markers, each student made a permanent contribution to the composition, which features the MBTS sailboat riding the crest of a wave, atop a vibrant sea and shimmering shore. The children loved creating footprints in the sand, sea elements and sea creatures, and labelling their contributions with their names.

The mural is mounted centrally on the back wall of the main school building, facing the playground. It complements a ceramic tile mosaic by one of the back entrances that had been created by the children and families of MBTS in 2008 as part of a fund-raising effort for our sun shades.

Thank you to every artist who contributed to this project, and to Ms. Bex for her creative vision and expertise. If you haven’t seen it yet, please make sure to visit the back playground and have a look at this beautiful, commemorative community masterpiece!

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