MBTS Scientists Explore and Investigate at the Rotary Science Fair

Congratulations go to all of the young scientists who shared their curiosity and investigative skills with the community during the Rotary Science Fair held last weekend! MBTS was well-represented by both individual and group entries from the Upper Elementary class; experiments and displays methodically explored and tested scientific hypotheses on a wide variety of topics, including the properties of rocks and minerals, gravity and magnetism, buoyancy and salinity, and the effects of screen time and video games on concentration. All of our young scientists presented and shared their research with confidence, clarity, knowledge and enthusiasm; congratulations to all of them on their tremendous work! One of the entries went on to garner second-place in its division!

Special thanks to Ms. Jenny and the Cayman Compass for the photos in the gallery; please feel free to read more about the Science Fair in the Cayman Compass.

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