A Year of Growing Together by the Sea

It really has been a wonderful year in our classroom by the sea. Our thirty-two students have shown such great enthusiasm and energy throughout this year.

The magical moments which have taken place this year are endless. Our day-to-day atmosphere is always elevated with real buzz and excitement as students work together, share ideas and encourage each other. Our weekly Council meetings have developed leadership skills further and provided the tools for our students to work alongside each other peacefully, taking ownership of their learning environment.

The students’ wonderful ideas and interests have led to many learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our trips to different parts of the island have helped raise awareness of the beautiful place in which we live and helped us to bring this appreciation into our classroom. The Great Lesson, our Ancient Civilization projects and Olympic projects were just a few highlights of what our students can achieve when working together in groups, delving into these subjects across the curriculum.

Independent dinosaur projects, paleontologists and geologists digging for rocks and fossils in the playground, gathering together on an evening to stargaze with the Astronomy Society, sharing original “floetry” during assemblies, cheering each other on at Sports Day, sharing MMUN speeches, presenting Science Fairs… we will really cherish these moments from this year, and these memories will always bring us great joy.

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