Bidding French a Fond Farewell

Looking back on our French classes this year, the words “très bon”, “mega cool” and “ça va bien” come to mind. As always, the students at MBTS approached each lesson with enthusiasm, curiosity and cooperation making all our sessions full of learning, laughing and discovering new things. 
From our songs and silly voices in Casa, to our games in Lower Elementary, and our many skits and role-playing games in Upper Elementary, French class was a place for all students to increase their confidence in communication while embracing the love of learning another language. The children’s progress in language has been a real pleasure to witness. I will miss their “joie de vivre” but will rest well knowing that their experiences this year in French will continue to enhance their learning next year in both Spanish and all other classes.
I wish all of the children “bonne chance” and “À bientôt”! I will miss their smiling faces and the melodious sounds of French ringing through the room.
– Madame Jacqueline

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