Building Trust and Teamwork in Drama

What a wonderful month we have had in Drama. The children have thoroughly enjoyed all the Drama games, improvisation games, play readings and team-building games.

Teamwork and team-building games bring the children together by encouraging collaboration and trust. It builds up communication skills, planning, problem-solving, friendships, motivation and development. Sensitivity amongst the children in the Drama Class is very important. Playing games is a way to develop group awareness, mutual understanding and trust.

We played a lot of improvisation games and engaged in character-building exercises to help introduce many of the skills required for the children to create a scene. We learnt how to form a character and articulate our voices on stage.

Not every child feels comfortable getting up in front of their friends, but I have to say that by the end of the term every child felt comfortable to get up in front of their friends and give confident, positive feedback and act out a scene. A fantastic achievement and a proud moment.

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