“Pumped” About Collaborative Learning

Hip-Hip‘ Hooray! 

The students in LED have thoroughly enjoyed this term’s project work on the Human Body. They have spent many weeks learning how our amazing bodies work and how we can best keep our bodies healthy. Science experiments on the five senses and how exercise affects our heart rate were highlights of our studies. 

Our exploration of the Human Body culminated with a project exhibition on five of the body systems: the respiratory system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the skeletal system and the nervous system.  The children worked in small groups to research about and present one of the five body systems. They were then given plenty of time to research their specific body system and create a beautiful presentation board, complete with relevant information and diagrams.  Each group also designed and created an experiment to demonstrate the function of their body system.  Collaborating with peers organically allowed students to build their listening skills and learn about compromise; it’s so important that our group members know that we’ve always got their ‘backs‘.  Group project work really is better than all the ‘wrist‘!

To celebrate our enjoyment and success with this unit, students were ‘pumped’ to invite their parents to class to enjoy the presentations and experiments! The children worked so hard to demonstrate their experiments and speak about their beautiful, creative poster boards! These collaborative projects have proven that we really do ‘be-lung‘ together! 

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