A Place to Thrive and Blossom

The Montessori Elementary classroom is like a garden, teeming with seeds that must be nurtured with kindness and collaboration, inspiration and imagination, independence and responsibility. When our children receive these fundamental things, they thrive and blossom.

Kindness and Collaboration – The Elementary years are characterized by a desire to build strong relationships and friendships with our peers. Opportunities to collaborate and work with others, to build kinship and camaraderie, to exercise kindness, courtesy and consideration for others, and to develop essential social and communication skills are deeply important components of our classroom community. In learning how to help friends who need assistance, to share with one another and consider the needs of classmates, to listen to others’ perspectives and opinions, and to resolve conflicts calmly and fairly, the children are learning to create not just a happy, harmonious classroom, but a peaceful society.

Inspiration and Imagination – The children’s minds are incredible during the Elementary years, with their powers of imagination and creative, connective thought stepping into the cognitive forefront. In this first month of school, we’ve dived deeply into big ideas through the Story of the Universe, and immersed ourselves in lots of lessons and independent inquiry. By feeding the children’s rapacious appetite for learning, we’re expanding and preparing their minds for limitless intellectual pursuit down the line, and a lifelong love of learning.

Independence and Responsibility – The balance between independence and responsibility is a critical one to strike in an Elementary Montessori community. Practices like the weekly class meeting, where the children share community issues and collaborate on solutions, having community jobs, and coming up with our own class’ Rights and Responsibilities all help in finding this essential balance.

Kindly note that these pictures were taken prior to the mask mandate by the Cayman Islands Government.

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