An Eye for Art in Elementary

What an exciting start to the term in Elementary Art! We have gone full speed ahead with different projects.

Lower Elementary started the term drawing and colouring self-portraits. We had to guess “Whose Portrait?” and succeeded in getting most of them right. We then put our cutting and gluing techniques to the test and made some enchanting paper bugs, and followed this project with some experimentation with chalk pastels: Learning about warm and cool colors and how to blend the colours together. The children drew and coloured some beautiful sunflowers. Next, we will be using collage, origami and acrylic paint to create boats sailing into the sunset. I am looking forward to seeing these when they are finished.

The Grade 4s have created some impressive work! They started the term learning about cool and warm colors and how to blend chalk, before creating a composition of three fish. They then had to create self-portraits using watercolours. They came out beautifully and have an abstract feel to them. We moved on to a step-by-step acrylic painting class where we painted a silhouette of a cat in the moonlight, surrounded by blossom branches; these turned out beautifully. We will next embark on the work of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

I have been working with the creative spirits who are now in Grade 5 and 6 since they were in Lower Elementary, and they have come a long way. It has been so lovely to observe them grow into young artists. We started the term drawing portraits and learning about the proportions of the face; some wonderful portraits were drawn. We then decided as a group to draw and colour “Dragon Eyes” with chalk pastels. The pictures below speak for themselves. They were quite extraordinary and a lot of fun to design and colour. Next, on to still life!

Kindly note that these pictures were taken prior to the mask mandate by the Cayman Islands Government.

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