Making Time for Mindfulness

Our children’s minds are fast-paced and they spend much of their day expelling physical and mental energy and absorbing everything that is going on around them.  We recognize the importance of having the opportunity to slow down, relax and take a moment to be mindful of our breath, bodies and thoughts. 

Children of all ages benefit from mindfulness. The simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment can help children by promoting happiness and relieving stress.   

Each and every Tuesday in LED, we engage in an active mindfulness lesson and mindfulness practice. We begin the mindfulness lesson by centering ourselves with a mindful body and taking a slow, deep breath while listening to the chime of the singing bowl. Each week focuses on a different area of mindful focus: our breath, our body, kind thoughts, etc.

After some discussion around our mindfulness focus and some breathing and mindfulness practice, we end again with a chime from the singing bowl and three gentle breaths together. The class will then follow-up the lesson with reflective thoughts and drawings. 

As well as providing an opportunity for stress relief and rejuvenation, our primary aim is to equip the children with the tools they may need at any moment to deal with feelings of stress or anxiety. 

Kindly note that these pictures were taken prior to the mask mandate by the Cayman Islands Government.

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