Sowing Seeds in Upper Elementary

In true Upper Elementary fashion, the new school year kicked off with a magical mix of inquisitiveness, inspiration and imagination. In the face of uncertainty and change, it was reassuring to have the definite and tangible joy of having all the students – and their energy and enthusiasm – back in class.  

The new Grade Four students were warmly welcomed into our Upper Elementary community and it is a pleasure to observe how well they have settled into their new learning environment. They are a vibrant group of individuals who all demonstrate a zest to explore new learning opportunities. They are very well supported and guided by the sage Grade Five and Six students, who have helped them embrace our classroom culture of Honesty, Grace and Courtesy, and Responsibility. The older students are to be commended for their active leadership and positive role modelling.  

The first few weeks in the Upper Elementary classroom have seen the students exploring many aspects of the world around us, from investigating the layers of the Earth to classifying quadrilaterals and gaining a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the English Language. As Maria Montessori said, “The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.” The students have enjoyed immersing themselves in edifying, hands-on work with various Math materials, microscopes, Geography pin maps and sentence analysis charts.  

We are privileged to be witnesses to our students’ learning journey and look forward to watching the seeds of knowledge – planted with care and nurtured with inspiration and imagination – grow and blossom.  

Kindly note that some of these pictures were taken prior to the mask mandate by the Cayman Islands Government.

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