The Joy of Being Back at Work

The children are back, brimming the desire to explore, learn and work! While adult notions of leisure and comfort often lead to the idea that ‘work’ is tedious or unpleasant, this is definitely not the natural inclination of the young child. Maria Montessori observed it over a century ago, and it is still true today: Children love to work

The children in the Casa classrooms are so happy to be back at work and in their daily classroom routines, after a long summer holiday. They seek out challenging, purposeful activities that require them to apply utmost effort, skill, and focus. They repeat exercises over and over again until they have accomplished them to their satisfaction.

Whenever we adults are seeking inspiration or reinvigoration, we need not look further than our own children, and the deep joy and fulfillment they find in their work. 

A Culture of Kindness 

Our virtue this month is Kindness.  All of our children have shown this in many ways, but especially our elder peers, the Kindergarteners. They have embraced the essence of kindness and helped their youngest first-year friends navigate their new classroom, showing them the routine and setting an example as a role model. The children are always quick to console a friend who is upset with gentle reassurance, a pat on the shoulder, a hug, or letting the teachers know that someone needs help. We take heart in knowing that the kindness we observe in the children at school extends past MBTS’s walls, and will shape the future of our community.

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