A Whole Wide World of Wonder in October

Now that all our friends have settled nicely into the swing of the new school year, we have had an especially eventful October in the Casa program! This month has been packed with exploring and learning all about our Planet Earth. To kick off our studies of the wonderful diversity of our home planet, we completed a brief overview of each continent and learned about the many different cultures, habitats and animals native to each one.

We also learned how the continents were all once joined together in one gigantic, super landmass called ‘Pangea’. As well, we enjoyed learning about the weather and the ‘furious forces’ at work on Earth and here on our tiny island in particular. 

Of course, we celebrated the last week of October in especially spooktacular fashion, with Halloween-themed arts and crafts, pumpkin carving with Ms. Krista, Halloween treat-making with Ms. Nicky, and, last but not least, a dress-up and pajama party on Friday! Happy Halloween!

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